Reasons for Release Delay?

  • Hey Guys,

    So if you guys didn't already know, Funimation delayed the release for Free!…no new release date has been announced...but what I want to know is the reason why they have to delay it. Was there something with the dubbing? The publishing of the discs? Didn't get the items in? I really wish they would give us some insight on these things. We are paying customers who have been waiting patiently for so long for something to come out, only to have it turn back on you.

    I might just be overreacting on this, but when I found out that the BD/DVD was going to be released on the 29th of this month, I was super excited as I was going to go to Anime Matsuri Hawaii... and see Johnny Yong Bosch again... I wanted him to sign it... but this news has saddened me greatly.

    What do you guys think are the reasons for the delay? Why do they not tell us some of these things?

  • I really wanna know what's going on, too.
    I love Free! and am really scared something's wrong, like it's not doing well enough or something like that.
    Oh Great Funimation…please ease my worries! :(
    Is Free! going to be okay?

  • I was super excited as well when I heard it was coming out in September and marked it on my calendar. I'm been hearing around about how other titles have been delayed and some are thinking it's because Funimation has a new manufacturing partnership that handles their DVDs and Blurays. Honestly, I feel like that's the most likely answer to what's been going on. I kinda hope though that maybe we might get some products shipped anyways like Tokyo Ghoul did. I don't know. And I would greatly appreciate it if Funimation announced something themselves like with what they did with Tokyo Ghoul. The only reason I knew about the delay was because I saw Rightstuf's post on Tumblr talking about.

    Hopefully everything gets worked out. I've waited this long already, I can wait a bit more.

  • I messaged them asking them for an estimated new release date and they basically told me that they didn't know. I'm putting my money on dubbing issues. I'm a part of website that notifies me of when new dubs come out for certain animes, and for Free! Eternal Summer, they've recently stopped at episode 7 (keep in mind, this website crashed recently so they might just not be up to date, but if they are, they're stopped at episode 7). There are a couple of people speculating that they're holding off until December because of Christmas and such. I really hope that those of us who pre-ordered don't have to wait that long.

  • the entire show has been dubbed and is available on this site. we'll hear news about the delay at some point next week

  • On the latest ANNCast, FUNi teased that there would be "big news" regarding Free next week, so keep your eyes open for that.

  • I just checked the link to purchase the Premium Edition of Free! Eternal Summer and they changed it to "Season 2 + OVA". So yeah, looks like they're including that & that's possibly the reason for the delay since they're including the OVA now.

  • @Getchman:

    the entire show has been dubbed and is available on this site. we'll hear news about the delay at some point next week

    Ah okay thanks. I didn't know they were completely done dubbing it. Like I said, the website that notifies me crashed recently, so they're not 100% up-to-date with everything right now. But I did find out the reason for the delay & it has something to do with the OVA.

  • It does indeed have to do with the OVA. They wrote a blog post detailing everything!

    Id say yayayya get excited?

  • If you go to their links to purchase any of the Free! Eternal Summer DVDs or Blu-Rays, they have a release date on there. However it's not until FEBRUARY 2, 2016!!! And the article mentions February 16, 2016. Ugh! I was expecting it to maybe be delayed a month or two, but not all the way through February. sigh

  • @sammychan:

    "Season 2 + OVA"

    paging the adjustment bureau

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