How to know if posters are officially licensed?

  • So in about a month I am going to an anime convention that only allows officially licensed products to be signed by guests. How would I know if a poster is officially licensed or not? Btw the poster I want is a Cowboy Bepop poster idk if finding a licensed poster would be different per show. I know that Funimation distributes some posters but idk where to find any of those other than Hot Topic.

  • I know that anything sold by Great Eastern is an officially licensed product. Also anything sold at

  • I would check out Great Eastern's website to see what posters might be available.

  • Maybe I'm missing something. I went to the Great Eastern site, and several things I want, but everything has no price listed. Is this stuff only available to retailers, or am I missing how to go about getting it. I know this may sound like a noob question, but I don't have a lot of experience with searching for merchandise, and wouldn't have even known where to look if not for this thread.

  • Great Eastern doesn't sell directly to customers, only business-to-business (retailers). RightStuf (now RightStufAnime) carries a fair amount of their products, and you can find some in actual retail stores like Hot Topic and FYE. If there's a listing for a product on GE's website that isn't on RightStuf's you could probably email RightStuf and inquire if there's any way they could get it for you. Their customer service is pretty good. Amazon also carries some GE products.

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