City name change?

  • when the show started the floating city is called Mystogan Academy, but part way through the series it was changed to Mistgun Academy. Is this a translation error or something?

  • I would probably say that unless they have the script, or the source material, they probably don't know how to correctly spell it. I've noticed name spelling changes in several light novels that I've read.

  • Am gonna say that funi. probably just messed up or more likely the voice actor's said it wrong and they just didn't bother to change it cause who cares what the city is called…....

  • We don't actually see the name until episode 7, so up until halfway through the season, the name of the city was based on what the Japanese VAs were saying. It's certainly conceivable that "mi-su-to-ga-n" would be transliterated as Mystogan and not Mistgun (especially when you consider the Mystogan in Fairy Tail is spoken and written the exact same way). The first three or so episodes were probably recorded for dubbing at some point before the Mistgun name was confirmed in episode 7, so they had to roll with Mystogan City - I assume they'll go back and re-record those lines at some point before the physical release for the sake of consistency. The manga is relatively new, and the light novel is also likely a transliteration, so it's probable that episode 7 was the first time anyone saw the true English name. I guess someone could confirm by reading the manga, though

    Funimation didn't seem it necessary to report the change like they did with Yurikuma Arashi, for whatever reason. Guess this show was a much lower billing than that one and didn't warrant its own quick news post, even though it was on Dubbletalk

    The more confusing change was replacing Lecty's VA from Megan Shipman to Monica Rial from episode 8 onward. That's pretty terrible for a single season show, and it shakes a lot of faith out of me that broadcast dubs can maintain a respectable quality

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