Changing Username

  • Is it possible to change my username in the forum? If yes, please tell me the procedure. Although I did not decide to change it yet, I just want to know the procedure. And I think it will be helpful to other members.


    Users are not allowed to change their ages or usernames. If you need either changed, please visit the Support page. Under 'Reason for Contact', choose "Technical: User Profile". Then enter your reason for changing and what you would like the change to be in the Details field.

  • This is correct, however right now due to the number of tickets, you may get faster service for this particular issue (this is not true of all issues) by using the reason code "Other Technical".

    This only applies if you're thinking of changing your usernames in the next week or two– if you decide in November to change your username, please follow the FAQ. Thanks!

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