Do you think you"ll ever stop watching anime?

  • If I were to ask, I think not. Maybe I'll become more choosy in the genre or content or even the story of the series that I will watch but I don't think I'll stop watching anime.

  • No. I'm watching considerably fewer shows than I used to, but I'm not going to stop anytime soon. Animation, including anime of course, is something I really enjoy. I'm just getting pickier with what I watch as time becomes more valuable. My buying has gone down as well since streaming is good enough for the majority of shows. I'd rather have a smaller collection of shows, manga, and merch that actually mean something to me rather than a huge collection of shows I only kinda liked.

  • might get burned out a little and watch a few movies for a bit but, no. I find anime far more interesting than anything currently available on TV. Especilly this time a year. I'm not much into sports, so all this Foot Ball isn't something I frankly give a crap about.

  • I've always loved animation period, so I can't see myself ever giving up on anime. Sure the number of shows I watch might drop off, but in the end it depends on the quality of what we're given to view.

  • Considering my massive backlog, I'll be old and gray before I even allow myself to give up on anime.

  • I had a few years where I pretty much had little or no care or interest in anime anymore, where I didn't feel any need or desire to even try watching it. All my old pleasures had left me and couldn't excite me anymore and no one on TV was even playing anything at all, so I had no real need to keep up.

    Then I watched Gurren Lagann and regained my love for anime once again, Team Four Star started bringing back my love for DBZ and Adult Swim Action had a couple more shows for me to check out before the inevitable revival of Toonami on the block, as well as the advent of accessible and very affordable streaming services came and I just found my love for anime once more.

    I feel like at some point in their lives someone hits a peak of where they just say "I hate anime" for a couple of years and just feel no desire or interest to watch anything. However, if you truly love something you can't stay away forever. Now I am more into anime than I've ever been and really thinking of sticking with it all the way through the good and the bad.

  • Not stop completely but severely cut down on Anime I purchase, yes.

  • Lol yeah, when I'm dead puhahaha xD. No but seriously, I'll probably die watching anime :')

  • As with you guys, no.

  • For me I've kinda withdrawn from anime a bit but I haven't stopped watching any especially if it's an interesting looking one. I can see myself still watching it even by the time I reach fifty years. Though lately I've been cutting back on some of it and doing other things besides watching anime everyday like I used to ^^;

  • I got into anime back when you would go to the video store in the mall and pay something like $25+ for 3 episodes and collected a bunch of series (Outlaw Star, Evangelion, Trigun, etc.), but then stopped watching for many many years. A couple of years ago I tried streaming through CR (Funi followed shortly after) and it brought my fandom back completely because it's just so easy and LEGAL to watch anime nowadays. Gigantic libraries of shows are available on both my TV and phone so I can watch anything just about anywhere… before bed, at the gym, waiting in a shoestore for the significant other. I'm more into the deeper/artistic aspects of anime (it's just my taste), so I would only stop watching if shows like Ping Pong, Blood Blockade Battlefront, Stein's Gate, and so on stop being made. I'm not too into the fan servicey stuff, though I don't look down on it, and tolerate it if the show's content is interesting enough (like in No Game No Life).

  • I stopped almost completely for a few years, watching only a few shows, and those only sporadically. But I started watching again at the beginning of this month, and I'm up to 78 episodes in the last 2 weeks. I think it's safe to say I'm back…

  • Pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft. No.

  • Honestly…

    I am a very very picky viewer now. I am so tried of all the panty and over the top boob shots in anime. So far the only FUNimation titles I am interested in right now are Noragami and Starmyu.

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