Is there an Auto Play for PC?

  • I have searched the internet, FAQ, Profile, and Forums and cannot find anything on just a normal auto play for the PC browser. I don't see anything that says it does or does not have it and I'd like to lay down to watch for more than 20 minutes at a time. Thanks.

  • completely agree i've searched as well and found no option for auto play i don't like having to get up every 20 mins to change episode fix the volume and put it back on full screen…

  • If it can help: until the new app arrives, I use Chrome on my PC as my browser, and I've set up Remote desktop (chrome app). Using my phone, I do the operations remotely. When the new app arives, I'll use my chromecast app on my phone as a remote.

    Another "trick" if you have a xbox controler is to activate Gopher, and use your game controler and use it as a mouse.

    Since I'm in a hurry to finish Baccano!, theses days, I use my phone a lot for this.

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