• my question is - is funimation going to get a license to air ( and ship to) in Australia?
    im from Australia and as is funimation steaming is not available here. nor is shipping of DVDs and i was wondering if funimation will come to australia because yes there are other sites, a lot of them are lacking and i think it would be great to be able to get funimation.

  • FUNimation's shop may not ship to Australia, but I do know that will. You can buy any FUNimation DVDs you want there, but just be aware that you'll need a region-free DVD player to view them.

    As far as streaming is concerned, FUNi has spoken in the past about working to expand their territories outside the US and Canada, but as of now I'm afraid Madman and Siren Visual are going to be your best bet.

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