Subs vs Dubs

  • Do you prefer to watch anime subtitled or dubbed in your preferred language? Does it really make a difference to you as long as you get to watch your favorite franchise? Do you really want to chime in on this never-ending debate? Do you wish you hadn't clicked on this thread? Do you know who Keyser Söze is?

  • I'll watch whatever version grabs me more. Or whatever version is available. I watch a lot of simulcasts, so obviously dubs aren't really an option.

  • I've grown to prefer subs.
    No, I can watch any format.
    Yes, it never gets old.
    Not in the least.
    Google is my friend.

  • The only conditions I will watch an anime subtitled is when there is no English track, or if it isn’t available yet; streaming new material.

    To answer the question; I prefer English dubbed anime.

  • I'd prefer an English dub when available, but I watch way more simulcasts than home video releases I just end up watching most stuff subbed.

  • Either or is fine with me, I mean I'm initially watching anything I end up purchasing simulcasted. On my second watch through, if it has a dub I'll watch it with that track going and any other watches after that are whatever track I enjoyed more.

  • If there's already a dub out I tend to watch dubbed, so I guess I prefer it dubbed

    However one of my favorite things to do is to watch a dubbed show that I had previously watch subbed, and listen to the localization and how they changed the script to keep things funny in English. Some shows get great localizations that are even better than the original script! Others, not so much. And even others are pretty much just a direct translation and it's so boring

    But I digress - I prefer English since it's my natural language and it's much easier for me to understand the wordplay, puns, and pop culture references

  • Aww man. I am disappointed. I was sort of expecting this poll to explode into a bunch of hoo-ha and craziness.

    Curse you streaming subbed anime for for getting fans used to variety and ruining my fond memories of the early bickering and beligerent anime fandom!

    *** sobs and cries in hysterics***

    For the record, I am for what-ever these days.

    Gekiganger gets ten "internets" for making this poll.

  • I prefer dubs over subs. Subs tend to distract me from the visuals and I've actually missed important plot points while looking at the bottom of the screen.
    I still watch subs (although they're often not FUNimation subs because I live in England and next to nothing is available to me here) but I love seeing how dubs compare to the original if I watched that first.

  • Based on about 22,000 Funi fall 2012 surveys.

    Q1 - People that watch Japanese Dub w/English Subs.

    Always 17.3%

    Majority 19.3%

    Half 29.2%

    Rarely 26.2%

    Never 8%

    Q2 - People that watch English Dub.

    Always 27.8%

    Majority 27.6%

    Half 22.5%

    Rarely 15.9%

    Never 6.2%

    Source Lance on ANNCast 140 - It's A Little Bit Funi, This Feeling Inside

    About 55% mostly watch dub and 37% mostly watch sub.

  • I've grown to prefer subtitles over the years. I also watch a lot of simulcasts, so yeah, no dubs there. If I'm given the option I don't really care, but I tend to go with subs for a first watch and a dub for a rewatch and then whatever version I liked better for subsequent rewatches.

  • Ahh, the argument as old as time, and as pointless as most others on the net.

    Overall I don't care if its subbed or dubbed, as long as I can legally get anime I enjoy, i'm happy. Although there are some series I would prefere dubbed so I wouldn't have to see those subtitles interrupting the beautiful scenery.

    But overall yeah, i'm just glad theres still people willing to put out anime in the states.

  • I really don't care. Like Soundmonkey, I will watch whatever is legally available to me. The only time I care is if the dub is not an accurate translation of the series, like the infamous 4Kids One Piece dub. To my knowledge, the majority of series don't get dubs like that around here anymore. Especially not from FUNimation, so I don't care the vast majority of the time.

  • In the long run, it's the show in question that I'm a fan of, not a particular audio choice, so (generally) I will watch whatever version is available to me. That said though, my natural inclination does tend to be dubs, always has been and probably always will be. It's just easier to multi-task (something I do often while watching a show) if I'm not having to make sure I didn't miss reading some text at the bottom of the screen. But if a dub is bad, or if no dub exists and I want to watch something, I'll happily watch some subs.

    There's even some shows that I love in both incarnations to the point that I could watch either version at the drop of a hat. Stuff like DB/Z/GT, Digimon, or Lupin III, for examples.

  • Gyt. Because I know what you sound like, I'm going to say that I prefer to listen to you with the English dub track on.

    However, there are some people I would rather listen to in another language, so I can read or not read the subtitles.

  • Personally it doesn't matter, but I will default to a dub if that option is available. Much like Gyt, if a dub is horrid enough then I'll switch, but I haven't seen fit to go with that option outside of titles that I won't discuss of a family friendly site like this one. :P

  • I like both but give propriety to dub so I voted dub

  • It depends on the show, weather or not i want to read what there saying or just look at all the action!!

  • I'm addicted to the English voice talent at this point. It's a rather tight little circle of people that are in all the great dubs, as well as playing parts in a lot of the great video games of last 15 years. The voices of Colleen Clinkenbeard and Jamie Marchi (among others, but they're faves) are just ear candy to me.

  • I like both subs and dubs, but I have been watching more dubs than subs lately.

  • I'm one of those people who like both. I really love having dubs for when I'm working or painting. But, it often depends on whether I've watched the sub or dub first. The difference in voices can be pretty jarring.

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