Tokyo Ghoul Review Meh…

  • Just watched all 24 episodes. It seems like they're trying to make a point about the cycle of violence, but they take forever to get there. So Kaneki goes w other group to get stronger then takes his sweet ass time during the fight while 3 of his friends are slaughtered? I would watch 3rd season to see what happened after fight, but not in my top animes by a long shock

  • yeah I just finished watching it. The whole show seems kind of pointless. The final episode leaves so many loose ends including the fact that the Owl's son is still at large as well as Auigiri Tree. We don't really see what became of Kaneki's desire to make peace. I think they tried to infer that he was successful with that final after credit scene but its so vague that you really have to read into and assume a lot to come to that conclusion! I want to like it so much more then I do. They really need a season 3 but only if they use it to fill in the plethora of gaps they left glaringly wide open!

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