What's with the censorship/intentional mis-subtitling of the Overlord end theme?

  • I thought we had outgrown this nanny state, all anime is meant for children mentality garbage. This is clearly a mature oriented anime. Why is a theme song being censored? It's not even actually being censored, just the subtitles are censored. The lines are clearly understandable English. Subbing the F-word as "fxxk" and the line "don't wanna die" as "I want eternity"? That's pretty ridiculous if you ask me. Does Funimation think we're too dumb to notice this?

    EDIT: Please don't use F-bombs on the forums. -SH

  • If you feel like a line has been mistranslated or misrepresented, feel free to contact tech support at www.funimation.com/support and let them know your concerns.

  • The "I want eternity" translation is correct. The line is "towa ni naritai, don't wanna cry".

  • any censoring comes from Japan, that includes words in a song.

  • The line being sung is definitely "don't wanna die, don't wanna cry"

  • Not according to the official lyrics apparently. All of the translations I'm seeing use some variation of "I want eternity". Google "LLL Myth&Roid lyrics", one of the top hits will give you a site with English, romaji, and kanji lyrics.

  • Maybe an original mistranslation for the lyrics then and Funimation just took a shortcut and copy pasta'd them. The line being sung is definitely "don't wanna die". I have pretty good ears, but even if I didn't, the line has too few syllables to be "towa ni naritai"

  • After listening to the full version of the song, I can see where the error probably originated. Late in the song, there is a slower, more deliberately spoken rendition of this chorus that does, in fact say "towa ni naritai". The earlier version of the chorus, however, does in fact say "don't wanna die". This was probably used as a progressive device by the original songwriter, first saying that they don't want to die, later saying that they specifically want eternity, switching from English to Japanese to make the two lines sound phonetically similar.

  • She is singing quickly at that part and isn't clearly enunciating each syllable, and it sounds as if they're being dropped as a result (so closer to "towan(i)nar(i)tai", though I can hear "don't wanna die" too). "Don't wanna die" is actually used in some old translations it seems, but more recent ones all use "towa ni naritai" (永遠(とわ)になりたい). The single is out in Japan (came out on August 26), those CDs usually come with printed lyrics, so the official lyrics are out and readily available for reading online, and I'm pretty sure, though obviously not 100% certain, Funimation would have used official lyrics for their translation instead of just copying another translation or relying on audio alone.

    As to your point about the f-word censoring. I agree, it's stupid and annoying, especially for a TV-MA show. I'd hope that at least for the home video release they'll have it uncensored.

    Anyway, I haven't been watching Overlord, so this is my first exposure to the song, and it's pretty catchy. ^^

  • Should be noted that the show started out as TV-14 before being switched to MA due to content, and the subbing for the OP and ED were probably already in place before the switch, which might be why it's written as fxxk

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