My Ideal DBZ Blu-ray Releases

  • In the hopes that a Funimation employee, or someone who has contacts within Funimation visits this forum frequently, I wanted to put out there my ideal blu-ray releases for any possible future releases. 1 person may not be enough to influence a release but thought I'd put forwards my ideas anyway.

    From what I know, there are no HD masters for Dragon Ball or Dragon Ball GT, so for these my ideal release would be high quality dvd's with the correct opening and ending animations/songs. Regarding DBZ, my ideal release is the continuation of the Level sets. I'm hoping one day I can own all 291 episodes of DBZ in its original 4:3 aspect ratio. A few members on the Kanzenshuu forums claim to have high quality stereo audio of the Japanese track, so this could be a good chance to have that included as well if it's possible at all.

    Regarding DB + DBZ movies, what I'd like to see is a new remaster on each of them, released similar to the double features/triple feature. They would look like this:
    DB Movie Collection: Curse of the Blood Rubies, Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle, Mystical Adventure & The Path to Power (4 BD50's)
    DBZ Movie Collection 1: Dead Zone & The World's Strongest (2 BD50's) Double Feature
    DBZ Movie Collection 2: Tree of Might & Lord Slug (2 BD50's) Double Feature
    DBZ Movie Collection 3: Cooler's Revenge & Return of Cooler (2 BD50's) Double Feature
    DBZ Movie Collection 4:Super Andriod 13 & Bojack Unbound (2 BD50's) Double Feature
    DBZ Movie Collection 5: Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly: Second Coming & Bio Broly (3 BD50's) Triple Feature
    DBZ Movie Collection 6: Fusion Reborn & Wrath of the Dragon (2 BD50's) Double Feature
    DBZ Movie Collection 7: History of Trunks & Bardock: The Father of Goku (2 BD50's) Double Feature

    The idea behind these is that each movie would get its own disc, with the beginning of each disc giving you the option to choose between 4:3 and 16:9. It would also have a remaster similar to the Level Sets, without boosting the brightness or contrast.

    All I hope is for these to be considered, better to try than to not try at all!

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