Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero S.2

  • Would it be possible that they can make a season 2 sometime in the future. I am getting the DVD soon I would like to support the anime via kickstart / greenlighting or ect If they do make a season 2 in the future. This is my favorite anime and It possibly will stay the same. It has a great story line character's ect…

  • If by "they" you mean the production companies in Japan (because obviously FUNimation doesn't make anime), then there is currently no news about a second season at this time. The first series sold rather poorly in Japan, so odds of another season are very unlikely.

    Also, Kickstarter doesn't really work when it comes to funding full 12-13 episode series. They would have to raise upwards of 4 million dollars or more in order to properly fund it, and considering this particular show's rather niche audience, it's unlikely they would raise anywhere near that.

    So even though it's technically not impossible, I'm going to have to say no. :hmm:

  • very unlikely. it performed poorly in japan, and no one there is interested in dumping more money into something that's a failure

  • I would probably still donate even though it was a failure due to it is my favorite anime ;-; I've seen a lot of anime's that only had one season and went down the drain and this one going down makes me sad..

  • I am aware that FUNimation doesn't make anime's but I was wondering if the company (not FUNimation) had any plans in the future for season2. I will still be hyped if season 2 "does" come out in 5 years or even more.

  • Not at this time, no.

  • You would probably have better luck hoping for one of the North American publishers to pick up the light novel and translate it, instead of hoping for another season of the anime.

    Chances of that are pretty slim too, but I never thought that I would be able to buy the books for No Game No Life or DanMachi in English either.

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