Video Player Pop-out option

  • Hello,

    I would love to see a video pop-out option for the player. Most streaming sites have this option so that a user on a lower end computer can run the player without wasting resources running animated adds and other content at the same time. The user is still forced to load the main page containing the player (adds get seen) but can then choose to "pop-out" a browser window containing only the player and no other content. It really improves usability of the player for a large number of users. Make it close after each episode if you must but seems like a standard feature on most other streaming sites these days. Might as well try to keep pace there if you can.


  • Thank you very much for the suggestion and for listing why it benefits users. ^_^ That helps in the pitching process.

  • Unfortunately, the pop out player is likely not happening. However, the video player page is going to be further optimized, so that should accommodate users on lower-end systems. We're be dropping ads and a few other extraneous elements, so there will be less to load over all.

    [Update] Pop out player is back on the tableโ€ฆ

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