Yu Yu Hakusho Remake or Remastered for Wide Screen

  • I personally would like to see a Yu Yu Hakusho remake even though it's very unlikely due to the manga and anime being complete. The anime does start off a little slow with the first 5 episodes dealing with Yusuke's death and not really getting interesting until episode 9. I think a remake would make the anime a lot more enjoyable. I love how well Hunter x Hunter remake was done. It had me thinking, "What would Yu Yu Hakusho be like if it were remade?"

    Also I wish it was remastered for a wide screen release when it released the Blu-ray version of the series. I hope one day it gets another release of the anime in widescreen. There are still many anime fans out there who have no idea how great it is. Your thoughts please…

  • While I wouldn't mind more animated Yu Yu Hakusho, the series doesn't need a complete remake. Unlike Hunter x Hunter, it's first anime adaptation is already mostly accurate and complete. While I'm sure a modern production could turn out great too, it's difficult to imagine it capturing the vintage charm of the original series's traditional cel animation.

    Believe it or not, but the show's early episode's dealing with Yusuke's death were actually heavily condensed compared to the source material. In the manga, there were a lot more side stories involving Yusuke helping people as a ghost. Honestly, animating these is one of the few things a remake could actually do to improve upon the first anime, which did streamline a few side plots here and there.

    Funimation should never, and I mean NEVER, "remaster" Yu Yu Hakusho for widescreen. Never. It was animated at a 4:3 aspect ratio and that's how it should be presented – not as cropped revisionist garbage like the Dragon Ball Z Season Blu-rays. If you absolutely need to have the footage fill your TV screen, you can click the zoom feature on your player.

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