What type of Dere do you guys think Albedo is?

  • I don't think she's a yandere. Not sure what to really call her.

  • She loves Momunga almost too much. Is she like an extreme dere dere?

  • Albedo is what's known as a Gou-dere. Similar to a yandere in that they have an insane love for someone, however unlike one she doesn't harbor violent jealousy to the point where she acts against the person she love's wishes.

    Albedo does show jealousy but still acts for the person she loves. This is shown when her and Shalltear fight over who will have Ainz's firstborn. This showed that while she wanted to be Ainz's most important she was still accepting of him having several other lovers.

    A yandere would kidnap you for their own selfish wishes.

    A goudere would build you a harem because the world deserves your seed spread.

    Read Gou-dere Bishoujo Nagihara Sora for any more details you'd need.

  • Man i thought this thread was dead. Thanks for the decent answer Homuhomu.

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