Cowboy bebob discussion (How it should have ended Spoilers of course)

  • Cowboy Bebop was a good ride, and an anime I thoroughly enjoyed from beginning to end. but there is one thing in the last episode that really bugged me :( . In the real folk blues part 2, when spike is about to leave Faye tries to stop him, tells him what he told her about forgetting the past and the two have a heartfelt connection which ends with Faye crying. now this is the part that should be changed, I know some of you might disagree, but I felt a passionate love making scene with Faye and spike would have been good. Yes, i understand spike just lost someone important and might not be in the mood but i always felt Faye had feelings for the guy and should have insinuated the moment instead of just crying for him I mean really did Faye become orhime or something in my opinion the real Faye would have pinned him to the wall and then dragged him to her room I mean it would not have changed his decision, but at least it would have given him a more pleasant moment in his dream.
    (What do Yall think)

  • (old post but… )

    Too much baggage on both sides. Even if they had, ultimately it would've been meaningless.

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