So, how soon after airdate on FUN channel are dubs available here?

  • Yeah yeah… new, etc, etc. Could someone please let me know? I seem to have thought they were available almost immediately, no?

    Thank you!

  • Depends on the show. If it gets selected for a Broadcast Dub, then about 4-6 weeks after it airs in Japan.

    If not, then the typical wait period for a dub is about 12-16 months after the simulcast finishes.

    Welcome to the forums, by the way. Let me know if there's anything I can help you with. :)

  • Thank you!
    I've been having trouble with our stupid cable service since I don't know how but they changed our plan so now I can't even watch the FUN channel. Out of spite i thought, hey, screw you AT&T and decided to come here. But I realize I might still not watch all I want when I want.

  • well, you do get stuff to watch stuff here far earlier than you would on the funi channel, so that's a plus

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