Suddenly Blank Player

  • If you cannot play videos at all because the player is blank from the moment the show loads, you do not have this issue– please see this thread for more information about the issue you are experiencing:

    We are aware that users are seeing this issue again after not seeing it for a while and we're looking into it.

    There are two potential things that could be causing this issue.

    One of these things is a corruption in the file of the video itself. The other is part of an emergent issue under investigation.

    If you are seeing this issue, please test one additional video from a DIFFERENT show from the first video that is having problems. Please make sure this different show is being watched in the same language ( SUB/DUB ) and the same quality (SD/HD720/HD1080) as the original video you experienced issues with.

    The second video has NO ISSUES

    Please provide the following information for the video you experienced issues on when you make your ticket about this issue. Please provide this information in this format and do not skip information.

    1. Series and episode number
    2. Timestamp within the video where you are first experiencing issues
    3. SUB or DUB
    4. 480, 720, or 1080p resolution (N/A if on a device that does not support resolution selection)
    5. Platform (website, iOS, Android, PlayStation, Xbox, Roku) If you are viewing on the website, please also include your operating system and browser type and version number.

    The second video HAS ISSUES

    Please provide the following information in your ticket:

    1. Your Internet Service provider
    2. Your IP address as reported by (Reporting the IP address that this site reports for you is not in any way a security risk)
    3. Your browser type. (ex Chrome, Edge, Safari, etc)
    4. Your operating system—please be version specific. (ex Windows 10, OSX Yosemite/10, Windows 7, etc)

    If done properly, this will allow us to skip the first step in our data collection for this issue– but only if all information is provided. Thanks!

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