FUNimation Windows Phone App?

  • Hello,

    Has anyone heard if FUNimation is going to come out with a Windows Phone app or not? I currently have android but with windows 10, Windows Phones might be a pretty good change.

    Thanks! :)

  • I have a windows phone, love it! I've been wondering this same thing. But it's perfect if you subscribe to the xbox music/download the zune computer program. Cause you can download as many songs as you like on 2 devices (like your windows phone or zune, or 2 windows phones ect.). But I think on the android phones it only lets you stream music compared to if you get the windows phone : ) It's really nice and there's a huge library of artists on it too. Just buy a 64 gb memory card and download to your hearts content lol. I got the cheaper 520 cause i don't care about the camera crap on a phone. I just want it for talking, which is what a phone is meant for… and music : P

  • Here is the answer to your problems: .

  • All universal Windows 10 apps work on both PC and mobile. So yeah Funimation Now will be on its way to the Windows Phone.

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