Buffering Issues - RESOLVED (MOSTLY)

  • Thank you to everyone who has reported information about this issue!

    If you are seeing an issue where you pause the video and the video never fully buffers, this is working as intended. The video player is an adaptive bitrate player and will not buffer the full episode if you leave it paused.

    However, if you are experiencing extensive pauses during playback on the website, this is not intended behavior.

    At this time, we believe we have resolved this issue for most users.

    We are still working on optimization for any users who are still experiencing buffering, and will be doing so on a user-by-user basis.

    If you are still experiencing buffering at this time, please submit a ticket– we will need to collect some further information from you.

    Issue Status (4/29)

    Affects: a small number of users, all browsers, all OSes
    Status: Mostly resolved. A very small number of users are still seeing buffering after the last improvement and we are still working on optimization for those users.
    Troubleshooting: There are no user end troubleshooting tips at this time. Please submit a ticket.


    3/06 – We have implemented one solution that will resolve the buffering issue for a significant number of users. However, we are aware it will not resolve the issue for all users and are currently working on additional solutions.

    3/17 – The CDN cache issue that was causing buffering for a time was resolved to the point where we were able to collect some good data for the ongoing buffering issues again.

    3/18 – We are currently testing a potential solution to this issue with a small pool of users. So far, results are generally positive, but we are still testing. I’ll update this thread as more information about this solution becomes available.

    3/28 – We have implemented a pair of solutions at the CDN level that appear to have resolved the issue for a number of users. We are still investigating the full scope of this resolution and collecting data from any users still experiencing buffering issues at this time.

    Mid-April - We implemented another change at the CDN level that, between it's implementation and the 3/28 implementation, appears to have resolved the issue for most users.

  • Bumping to bring to the top with updated information. :)

  • Bumping with new updates as of 3/28.

    Right now, we would like everyone to submit tickets about their buffering experience, as we may have different questions depending on the experience. If we are able to collect the data we need through the forum in the future, I'll reopen this thread.

  • Sorry for not updating this sooner. We had to do some testing and feedback on the "mid-April" change mentioned above before I was ready to confirm the status change of this issue.

    I am going to leave this issue stickied for the forseeable future as we are aware that there are still some users experiencing buffering, however, the widespread issue has been resolved at this time.

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