Please allow us to change orders that we already placed

  • I love your site and I am a big fan of your company. Recently I preordered a shirt and changed my mind on the shirt size. I should be able to go into my order and change the shirt size before it ships, but I don't see a way of doing it. When a customer goes into their account and then to the shop tab next to subscription, it would be great to have a order pending tab next to order history. From there it would be great if, while in that tab, to select the order and alter it to the customers new setting like changing the payment to a different card, changing the shipping address, request a different shirt size, or simply cancel the order. This would make things a lot easier for customers who change their mind while still in the pending stage of the order. Please make this possible and thank you for taking my suggestion into your consideration.

  • If your order hasn't gone through yet and you'd like to change the size of your shirt, try sending in a ticket to and letting the tech team know about your issue. They might be able to adjust the order to better suit what you'd like. :)

  • Thank you. I did that before I started this thread. The problem with that is, it does not change instantaneously. I just want a way to make things easier for not just me, but for every customer who uses this site. Also I wish there was a better way to contact the shop, like a chat service that other shopping sites do. Thanks again for your suggestion.

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