ITunes releases

  • Does the iTunes versions get released later than the DVDs? Sixteen (176-186) was released on dvd about a week ago but is not in the iTunes store (even after clearing store cache). Checked both the US and Canada store.

    It stinks that the DVD and streaming is available but no items yet for iTunes? If it will not be available or its delayed they should announce something. :|

  • Hi Jennifer!

    I've been in touch with FUNimation about this within the past few weeks and they've told me that they're facing a delay with the service, and that Part 16 will be on iTunes "In a few weeks." I'm hopeful that this means when Part 17 is released, so that those of us who buy on iTunes will be able to pick up both!

    I can't guarantee that this will be the release date for part 16 & 17 on iTunes, but I'm hopeful that it's how it ends up!

  • cool! thanks :)

    ya, hopefully that would be great :)

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