Dragonar Academy

  • I was wondering Funimation you already have Dragonar Academy set to release in November, but we have not heard anything from you for a voice cast for the English dub. Did you dub it and are keeping the voice cast a secret until it is released or is it like OniAi where it was just released with the Japanese voice track? I was just wondering, I love the manga and the animation for the anime looks wonderful, it was just on my mind when I saw that it was already out to be pre-ordered on your site.

  • it's dubbed. cast announcements don't usally happen as soon as something it solicited. expect it maybe around a month before the release date

  • I was just thinking the same thing tbh. I expect that we will hear within a couple weeks because for Noragami (I just picked a random recent show) they announced the cast 3 months before the home release, and it is about 3 months away from home release of Dragonar.

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