Hey guys, BIG question:

  • So I've recently begun watching FMA for a second time, after having originally watched it many years ago, and I've stumbled upon something that just doesn't make any sense to me. How did Wrath get Ed's arm and leg?

    What really puzzles me is that it seems as though Ed and Alphonse attempted to bring back their mother AFTER Izumi .. (spoilers!)
    had already created Wrath. She first appears to them when they were kids - no alterations to their bodies, yet she was apparently already sick - coughing up blood the same way she did when she found them years later. So, she had already sacrificed internal organs to bring her deceased baby back to life BEFORE she and Ed had even met. If everything stated til now is correct, I ask: How did Wrath end up with Ed's limbs if Ed had not sacrificed his arm or leg until later?

    Any light shed on this question would be very much appreciated, even more if an episode can be used as reference. I'd love to watch and understand for myself, too. Thanks!

  • I had always just assumed it was because Wrath had been living inside the Gate for a period of time (and growing up), got Ed's limbs, then found a way out. I can't remember an actual explanation being offered.

  • Hey, thanks for the reply! I think you may be onto something. Now that I think of it, Izumi did say to Ed something along the lines of: "you don't know how Homunculi are born, do you?" .. I don't know if she ever did go about telling him, or if he found out another way, because I haven't finished watching all of the episodes but I think your explanation makes sense. Thanks again!

  • I think Izumi was simply referring to human transmutation being what creates Homunculi with that line, since Ed didn't learn that until later on, but I don't remember when she said it or in what context. It's been a long time since I last rewatched the series and am only 10 episodes in on my current viewing.

  • Yeah, I misunderstood the line and thought it had something to do with what you said about Wrath living inside the gate.

    Someone just pointed me to a wiki page stating: "In the anime, Wrath is the Homunculus reincarnation of Izumi's son, who died at birth. After Izumi tried to resurrect him and saw that what had come back was not her child, Wrath was given to the Gate. Izumi later regretted her decision after hearing him cry and tried to reach him, but the gate closed before she could. Wrath spent much time inside the Gate, waiting and wanting to get out all while his body aged and the hate for the mother who had condemned him to the absolute darkness of the Gate grew. When the Gate opened while the Elric Brothers were trying to resurrect their mother, Wrath acquired both Edward's right arm and left leg."

    That basically confirms what you thought lol. I hope they actually show that explanation, though.

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