D. Gray Man - What would it take to get an anime completely dubbed?

  • Dear Funimation

    Hello!~ My name is Zandre Wasure (my true name is left to be anonymous for my own safety) and I have only recently joined this brilliant website. I'm bursting with excitement as I skim through countless anime after anime and chat with fellow anime fans across the globe on these forums. I have only one thing that has been itching from beneath my skin for about seven months now…. Something quite irritating. But, first things first - I would like to say thank you for every anime you have put so much effort into, financially and physically. Dubbing for the entertainment and enjoyment of us English viewers. You are more than worthy of all our respect and deserve every single viewers support. To put it simple: Thank you.

    Anyways... A little off topic. My title states exactly what is precisely bothering me. Such a large and brilliant company never finished dubbing an incredibly epic anime that sadly never got a chance to really be popularized by the anime community. This is by far my favorite anime for more reasons than one, and I found it incredibly disappointing when I discovered that dubbing for the series had ceased to continue a very long time ago. I am pleading for you to please consider continuing this series in the future... I know you have many reasons as to why you never finished it, but that doesn't mean you still can't return to it. Actually, you should finish this series and I'll explain exactly why you should.

    Okay, so this was the second anime I watched (first was Soul Eater) and I never expected it to be this amazing! Especially since Soul Eater was so brilliantly staged and epic. In all out truth I was actually hesitant to watch D. Gray Man, since it seemed kind of boring within the first two episodes. But my attitude quickly changed as my emotions crumbled through the first story arc "The Ghost of matear ". The emotions that I felt in those three episodes completely changed my perspective on the anime. Then with neutral respect I found myself at the arc of "The Rewinding Town". Suddenly a new set of emotions welled up inside me of anger, confusion, and excitement. And after, a new profound will was born - a determined will to watch this anime all the way to its wonderful or bitter end. That's when I hit a roadblock... The end of part 1 of the series... The end of the English dub.

    Since I'm fairly new to your company, website, merchandise and anime in general, I didn't realize this anime was never meant to be completely dubbed. So as I ran out of patience I decided to research the matter fearing that my speculations of an unfinished anime, my favorite anime to be exact, would occur. Such pain that D. gray Man would never see the end of the tunnel... Instead it would forever be lost in a swirling darkness of the forever forgotten animes of the past. Sadly, I was right. Though in discovery of such depressing news, I realized many other fans of this series found themselves in similar situations... Each finding faults in the show, thinking it wouldn't provide very much entertainment, or not finding it interesting and then - loving it far beyond their original capacity to enjoy the show because of it's amazing plot. A plot that was captivating, a plot that was filled with beautiful artwork, a plot with amazing characters & their voice actors (waaaaaayyyy better than the original Japanese voice actors), a plot that made us all enjoy the show... a plot that should have been continued...

    The plot is what made the show, only completing half of it makes such a series almost pointless (art, characters, and voice actors are important too and the voice actors is another reason why I would enjoy it being dubbed to the end).

    Yet, we each discovered the disappointing truth. This disappointing truth was that copyrights had been lost, and although they could have been [can be] bought back they never were or will due to the series never being that popular. This anime had every potential to be popular, but the advertisements did a terrible job of drawing people in and the anime (like many others) is dull throughout the first episode or two. Not to mention that the majority of people at that time were enjoying happy animes (yuck). Nothing like the dark, depressing, and action packed ones that have made their way to the top today. Take Tokyo Ghoul for example, it's incredibly popular on YouTube at the moment. Now if that's not a dark, tragic , and action packed I don't know what is. Then There is Attack On Titan - it's been popular for a while now, and it is full of action and tragic moments. It also tends to get quite dark, but in a more psychotic way. There has always been animes of this genre that have made their way high into the ranks, but in this generation these types of anime are really starting to take off in larger quantities. With this being so, D. Gray Man would probably do much better in today's era - making much more money than it did in the past.

    (As a side note, you've got Adult Swim at 12:00 - 2:00 AM and YouTube is much more frequently used, why not advertise in those technological environments)

    I apologize that my complaint has come to be an hour long discussion, but there is one last reason as to why I believe you should finish dubbing D. Gray Man. You should finish it because leaving it undone is unprofessional and above all disgraceful for a company as mind blowing as your own. Funimation is humongous, by far the biggest dubbing company that I know of! So this makes me utterly sad when you just give up on an anime and just push it under the rug. Maybe my expectations are just set to high, but I honestly believe that there is so much potential left untampered with - in the company and in the show.

    Believe me, I'm happy you even dubbed the little that you did… But I can't express the frustration and sorrow i feel when I watch my favorite anime. Please consider finishing the series.

    Sincerely Zandre Wasure.

  • it is stuck in some sort of licensing limbo in japan. they cant do anything until that gets resolved

  • I doubt it ever will be anyways - the manga has been on hiatus (although I seem to recall seeing that it would be coming back soon?) for quite some time, the anime technically ended, and I think what portion of it FUNimation already has sold rather poorly, so unfortunately, it probably won't be in their best interested to license and sell something that not many people really want.

  • Sadly I do not believe there is anything you can do besides pray. Only way they would go back and dub d grayman is if all of a sudden a million people buy all of the dvds and merchandise but obviously that won't happen.

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