Will Funimation Re-release Haruhi Suzumiya + Code geass ?

  • From my knowledge funimation has rights to Haruhi Suzumiya and Code Geass ever since Bandai went out. Neither of these are up for streaming on the site or have been re released by Funimation for home release. I am just wonder when or if Funimation plans to re-release these series because it has been a while since they got the rights and they have not done anything with them yet. Honestly only reason I care is because these are two of my favorite series and the DVDs are really expensive for them.

  • They will at some point. It's been a while (over 2 years now), but sadly we can do nothing but continue to wait. They're probably waiting on materials, approvals, whatever from Japan.

  • It sucks. Code Geass is one of my favorite animes. I really want to get it. I wish we could at least stream it. Outlaw Star too.

  • I've never seen Code Geass but really want to; at the same time, the discs are too expensive for a show I've never seen before. I know we can only wait, but I do wish they'd hurry because I feel left in the dark when everyone talks about how great it is! :(

  • I hope this isn't too much of a necropost, but this is the latest thread about Haruhi Suzumiya that I could find.

    Check out this UK blog post about Haruhi Suzumiya's UK release.

    The UK is faster at announcing this than you, FUNi. Though, in all honesty, I'm expecting it to come out in the US in 2016 anyway.

  • Sounds great!

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