Funimation iPad tablet app needs major update

  • The funimation app for the iPad version needs major update since that app is outdated and the interface is very poorly designed compared to crunchyroll which is so much better and it is very easy user friendly . The new updated funimation app needs to have less clutter and very easy user friendly. The crunchyroll iPad app has recently updated and it is so good.

  • I couldn't agree more. I try to use the app on both my iPad Mini and my iPhone 6 Plus, and it's just a random mess overall. When it's working perfectly, it's just really hard to actually navigate and watch shows, especially compared to any other app. At it's worst, we have random bugs and crashes often related to ads and whatnot. If we don't see an upgrade I probably won't resubscribe and just stick with Netflix/Crunchy etc…however with an update I'll probably subscribe forever. I've found myself just going to Netflix to watch shows (like Fairy Tail) because the app is such a hassle.

    Hopefully we'll get some indication that there is an update coming soon.

  • I've chimed in on this subject more than once before, but it's worth doing so again, as the issues of the lack of a queue, lack of syncing between devices, lack of syncing between devices and the site, and lack of proper notifications/alerts have not (yet) been addressed. The playback functions haven't caused any serious issues, and the content (catalog and simulcast) is great, so there are those incentives to continue my subscription, but the issues mentioned above are glaringly dreadful, and don't exist on any other streaming service I'm subscribed to. If those everyday (but vital) issues were worked out, things would be great.

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