The big question

  • I'm not sure if this has been posted before so if it has I apologize. Remember Fullmetal Alchemist? Remember a reboot called Brotherhood? Well what are your thoughts on a reboot for Tokyo Ghoul? Now I want to make this clear, I LOVE the anime to death and will definitely buy the bluray sets for them, but many people feel differently. I think they should continue with what they have and when the manga and anime both completely finish their run then they should make a reboot. This reboot should follow the manga to the letter, with at least 50 episodes of content before we get into RE territory. Kaneki battling Jason should be mid 20's to 30 episodes in. Yes I know FMA is way more popular than Tokyo Ghoul, but Hellsing got a reboot and it's manga only sold 200k copies while Re manga has sold over 800k. So it's very popular enough to where I believe it may get one. I really believe in about 5 or 10 years time we will have a reboot. What are your thoughts?

  • I think you're putting the cart before the horse just a little bit. :hmm:

  • this is an excellent i dead so long as the current one gets to finish. this way a lot of anime fans get what they want, a second bad ass version, and a version that will please the manga readers as well. i just hope we can get to finish this line. also if people want we could always have the show meet up with the book, so to speak, at any given point and go from there.

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