Great characters, well acted!

  • I don't usually watch sports Anime, but I am amazed and impressed by this series. Is it just me, or are these characters one-of-a-kind? You can't just look at them and predict their personalities like you can with a lot of shows–they seem down to earth and well imagined. Which brings me to the fact that every member of the dub cast has done an outstanding job. One of my friends mentioned the series to me, and honestly I wasn't really interested, but these voice overs MAKE it. The actors are all extremely finessed, and it comes through with each line. Even the cheesier roles are made likable.
    Bottom line, I am IMPRESSED. Are all sports Animes like this?? (And do they have J. Michael Tatum and Vic Mignogna in them? Cause that's a definite selling point, haha.)

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