Kaze No Stigma

  • Hello My name is Ricky Shackles and I am a entertainment writing major. I haven't been big into the world of anime for long, but the show Kaze No Stigma has inspired me more then anything I have ever watched. I know that the author has passed, but I was curious if anyone has ever attempted to finish his work with season 2. Being a writer I understand the concept of not touching someone else's work, but I also feel as though if I were to pass tomorrow and I left something unfinished then I would love for it to be completed. If it was his wish that his work be left untouched I completely understand. I am not sure why this show speaks to me so much, but I would love an answer from anyone that knows anything. Like I said this show has inspired me and I hope one day I can write something this great.

  • no, its still unfinished

  • Thank you for your answer. That takes care of part of my question, but does anyone know why it is still unfinished. Is it because the writer or his family didn't want anyone else to finish his work or simply because no one has tried to. Sorry to press the question but I am extremely curious to know the answer.

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