When in the hell is the first half of this going to get dubbed?

  • Ugh. It's so stupid who the hell watches a show half subbed then decides to watch the second half dubbed? I waited 2 months and still no indication that they plan to finish the broadcast dub. I ended up just watching the show entirely subbed despite generally chosing a dub over a sub if it's good and available. I have a crunchyroll subscription as well to watch shows that aren't on here and generally watch shows on there dubbed for the select few that are dubbed, such as Toradora and Durarara. Anyway I hate waiting for dubs for most shows lately unless funimation has the licence and or is broadcasting it dubbed alongside sub albeit at a later date. I just don't get it why dub it in the middle first and then for 2 months just not release the rest of the show dubbed? The only thing that has pissed me off more than this lately is how Naruto spent at least 6 fing months with filler despite the manga ending almost a year ago now. My patience has worn thin and I stopped watching it for over months. Even after the filler arc finally ended they kicked us in the balls and spat in our face again releasing pointless rehashing flashbacks in between the final battle as if people are just complete idiots who forgot just cause it's been over 6 months since you guys just had go drag your feet kicking and screaming and delaying the end so you can milk the franchise dry before you then make the sequel series as well… at least bleach didn't put filler in between the final fing battle... Although the arrancar arc did get at least two filler arcs in between battles, which is still shitty but at least it was because it was necessary to stop the anime from overtaking the manga and then deciding to go the FMA route and branch off into an original ending instead of annoying filler so they can follow the manga when they had suficent material to work with... rather than mid final battle at the most crucial moment...

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  • dude, you need to relax. first off, they don't own Naruto, Viz does. Also, Funi doesn't make anime, nor does Viz, so neither one of them are to blame for what is happening to the show

    As for Yona, it's looking like it's going to be a similar situation to Tokyo Ghoul. by that I mean, despite the first half being dubbed at the same time as the second half, we probably wont actually see those dubbed episodes until they decide to release it on DVD/BD. It's definitely annoying and a rather stupid decision, but that's how its going to be so we can only wait.

  • Looking forward to this being on dvd. I actually liked this a lot more than Tokyo Ghoul. I hope Yona gets a second season. It deserves one.

  • Dude I did relax I decided to forget about it for the last 6 months but still no change. Don't you think that's a bit retarded? I mean why bother releasing the second half dubbed at all if you don't have any plans for the first half? It's one thing to release the first half and then it not get dubbed for the second half, but who's bright idea was it to release the second half first lol

  • Episodes one and two are expected April 26th.

  • I saw that they're releasing the dvd for the first 12 like june 6th or 7th. Somewhere in that neighborhood so…..two months at the most. I can handle that now that I know I know there's at least a concrete date somewhere.

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