Fast forward on PS4 app other than 30 second increments.

  • I don't know if this is a feature and I'm just dumb and don't see it, but on the PS4 app for funimation you are only able to fast forward in 30 second increments. I think it would make the most sense if, like every other media app on the PS4, you could fast forward dynamically without being stuck on this increment method.

    My main gripe is that some shows spoil a large majority of it's "arc" in the intros, and most intros are around 2 minutes long. However, if the intro ends at say, 3:45, I either have to watch the last 15 seconds of the intro or skip the first 15 seconds of the show.

    Not sure why this isn't a thing actually, as the Xbox one version has it, haha!

  • I completely understand. Would 10-second increments be better?

  • 10-seconds would work so much better. I am having the same problem. When I want to do a quick rewind it's always very bothersome since it goes back a whole 30-seconds. You pretty much have to watch the whole scene again.

    Please fix this! Thanks!

  • All new apps moving forward have had a 10-second skip, so the updated PlayStation apps should have this as well. However, I will know for sure once we get builds.


    …except for Xbox 360 and possibly Xbox One. The new app for Xbox 360 uses the native Xbox 360 player and just has fast forward and rewind buttons where you can choose how quickly the video is rewound or fastforwarded.

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