No one piece

  • one piece was suppose to be added today right but i don't see it anywhere on here. just want to know if i'm wasting my money like i just don't know if its worth it. only 6 new shows being aired only 3 are good so i just don't see if this worth the monthly fee if other sites have those 3 shows for free and i pay extra for dubbed thinking that the dub to sub ratio dub would be more or even but no sub is basically all thats on here.

  • no announcements about tech difficulties yet and there is still plenty of time left in the day, so its a little too early to be worried about not getting it. there's no set schedule for non broadcast dubbed episodes to be uploaded.

    there's always going to be more subbed content on the site, especially now that they stream around 20 shows a season, and they just cant dub all of them at once. you just have to be patient and you'll eventually get the dubs you want

  • I'm closing this thread and funneling all of these inquiries to this thread. I will have a reply in that thread as soon as I close up all of these. Thanks!

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