Loving it so far!

  • So far I am really loving season 3 of Junjo Romantica. On another note, since Funimation is treaming it, I really hope that means they'll eventually dub it. If they did I would be the happiest fangirl on the face of the Earth. X3 for so long, I'd wished for Junjo to get dubbed. And lo and behold, I've been given hope for a dub…

    If it does get dubbed, I would love for J Michael Tatum to do Usagi! Oh god my ovaries would explode from the sexiness overload... XD and maybe Greg Ayres as Misaki. He's been uke characters before, so... yeah. X3

    Back on the subject of the currently streaming show, I'm absolutely loving it. It makes me smile, laugh, and go awww.... X3 all that good stuff I expect from a yaoi love story as awesomely wonderful as Junjo Romantica.

    (though I'm still waiting for the Egoist episodes...) XD;;

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