Where's the humor in wimpy/asexual harem protagonists?

  • I don't really get it. I've seen harems out there and most of them piss me off.
    1. Pervert protagonists who for some reason are afraid to actually touch women
    2. Goody two shoe protagonists who don't get involved with the girls over some arbitrary bullshit like "I don't want the other girls to be upset" or "I can't grope your boobs, we don't know each other well enough"
    3. Characters who just seem asexual
    4. Asshole characters who also seem asexual but easilly annoyed

    Honestly, this is why I think High School DxD is the greatest harem ever made (That's not saying much though). You have a believable and cool main character. If I'm not mistaken, harem is about wish fulfillment through anime right? Who dreams of having lots of girls and being too pussy to do anything with them? All it does is piss of the male viewers and make us speculate on his sexuality.
    Watching a harem protagonist not take advantage of all his women is like watching a rich man burning hundred dollar bills….

    I know humor is subjective. But how is watching some spineless wimp get chased around by hot girls who he is too scared to sleep with funny? I don't get what's so funny about someone not using something you wish you had?

  • Date A Live is comparable to DxD in my opinion. Yes Shido is different from Issei but he has his own thing going. Trinity Seven is a pretty good one too as well. Arata makes me think of a more tame Issei when it comes to boobs. He likes them and all but he's not like Issei where he says "boobs are love, boobs are life!"

    Then there's the shows that get catagorized as a harem when the show itself doesn't have much of a harem element aside from the disproportionate amount of girls - boys like Accel World.

    As far as harems go, the one anime I would choose that would be representative of them all would be High School DxD.

  • It's probably difficult to project yourself onto a harem king if he does one night stands with every girl in the show without consequence. It's not really so much wish fulfillment as it is inserting yourself into a favorable story

    There's also the matter of toeing the line between harem and hentai. As unbelievable a situation most harems become, it's probably more unbelievable for a protagonist to put the moves on a girl and then have nothing happen. Assuming you're not making porn, there must be a reason why the protagonist never goes all the way in an ecchi harem, and being weak-willed, having a study conscience, or being mindful of others are typically the easiest ways to write over that suspension of disbelief

    On top of that, strong-willed protagonists almost always come off as more than a little douchey, which, again, makes it hard to project oneself onto. Akatsuki from Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero is by far the most aggressive and arrogant harem hero, but most of his actions are nothing short of sexual harassment or even abuse, making him pretty unlikable to most people. But Akatsuki sounds exactly like the type of hero you're looking for, so you should probably check out Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero

    Another pretty strong-willed harem king is Arata from Trinity Seven, who I personally think is the best one, even more so than Issei. Issei is very high-energy, while Arata is more low-key and cool. He's sort of perverted and sort of handsy, but he's mostly just joking around and teasing people without possessing some sort of debilitating personality weakness.

    (note: High School DxD is the better show, for sure; but Arata, in my mind, is the better harem protagonist when put up against Issei)

  • @Riles:

    (note: High School DxD is the better show, for sure; but Arata, in my mind, is the better harem protagonist when put up against Issei)

    You might even call him… the harem king! But I agree, Arata is probably the best of harem protagonists, though Issei definitely is a strong contender.

  • You might try Aesthetica of a rouge hero. Has some harem aspect to it. Male MC isn't some wimpy sack of flesh, and more than willing to "touch" a girl, be it fitting into a bra, teaching them a life lesson, or just for fun. You should like that one. hmm if you liked DxD, you may try Testiment of Sister New Devil on crunchyroll and maybe TheAnimeNetwork, Imo the male mc Basara exceeds Issei. Btu you'll have to ry it ans see for yourself if you like it.

  • I don't get those situations either. They're tiring, cliched, and pointless, and they don't portray men well at all. Seems like the only strong point of some of the harem protagonists is that they want to get 'stronger' to 'protect' everyone. Besides that, the female characters are sometimes nothing but a collection of stereotypes inserted into the story to harass and abuse the 'harem leader'. Nothing funny about it at all. What kind of image must the creators have of males? Are they all 'average in every way', perverted but afraid of girls, and willing to put up with harassment and being called 'baka' for getting out of bed in the morning? If they must put out such shows (and it seems they certainly must!), they'd be better off going with straight-up hentai, between adult characters.

    All that said, not all harem shows are bad, and I have watched more than a few. I'd agree that Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero and Trinity Seven are somewhat refreshing examples. Another is Gou-Dere Sora Nagihara, which puts a bit of a spin on the 'harem King' concept. Issei from High School DxD is somewhat frustrating…he does have many of the negative traits already detailed, but also shows a stronger side as well.

  • Harem is a shit genre anyway, better just watch hentai if you want multiple girls after the MC's d***

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