Suggestion for Improving Streaming Experience

  • First of all I love all the content on Funimation. However, when you update the streaming side of the website please think about including the following:

    1. On a particular shows page please show the Next to be watched episode in the big player window and below the player window show the previous episode, the current episode and the next 3 or so episodes as clickable thumbnails.
    2. In the que please show the next episode if the previous episode has been watched around 90%

    There are way more clicks required than are necessary. I don't like that I have to fast forward to the absolute end of the episode to get the next episode thumbnail to pop up. I also think that having click the list of videos in the que just to see what episode I am on is very cumbersome.

    I think these small improvements would greatly add to the Finimation experience


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