New Dubbed's Anime

  • Where Ace of Diamond dubbed? I want , we want it we need it!!!!!

  • Gotta say the phrase New Dubbed Anime is rather misleading for this thread.

    Basically for Ace of Diamond, the deal is that Funimation doesn't have the rights to it. As a matter of fact, no one actually has distribution rights for the series in the U.S. with the exception to Crunchyroll simulcast streaming the series. Basically it isn't impossible for someone to eventually pick up the series and dub the show and release it, but it's DEFINITELY highly unlikely.

    Sports anime doesn't have a huge audience in the west. It's a very niche thing, and most sports anime that do get released tend to be Sub-Only releases, as many dubbed sports anime seemed to all fail and not sell well. So Ace of Diamond, hate to break it to you, is probably not gonna get the dub treatment. Even if someone DOES pick the series up eventually it probably will only be a Sub only release.

  • I also thought you were referring to the new Dubbletalk block.

  • Apparently I fall in that niche. It's weird because I don't enjoy watching real sports games (except hockey), but have no problem with shows like Princess Nine and Big Windup.

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