Is Asia completely useless?

  • Is Asia a professional damsel in distress? You have to fight to save her, have to leave her behind because it"s too dangerous, look the wrong way and she gets captured. Has she ever healed anyone in battle? (Except for the time she healed Koneko). Issei should trade her for a box of phoenix tears.

  • In the light novels she was essential to keeping the group alive during the fight with Loki, well in general she is the "white mage." S3 is the last we'll see of Asia being kidnapped (the author said so.) Her benefits lie elsewhere, especially later on. So fear not! For no more main characters will be kidnapped! I will stop hear because I'll just spoil things.

  • Nah, I don't believe that Asia is useless at all. Not all characters were build for offense combat after all.

  • Don't confuse inactivity with uselessness. She's exceptionally useful in any situation, even if she hasn't shown it off yet

  • She's not really useless. Her skill is pretty useful, but the wielder is a klutz!

  • @exiakaiser:

    She's not really useless. Her skill is pretty useful, but the wielder is a klutz!

    Oh no, up until a later point she remains useless.

  • i believe she is very important the whole way through, although not directly with her use of magic.

    if it wasnt for asia then issei would have been killed in s01 ep3, she put her life on the line to save him which in turn allowed for rias and the others to teleport in and deal with freed sellzen.

    and when asia died while issei went to save her from the fallen angels, his emotions allowed the next level with his sacred gear, dragon boost EXPLOSION.

    while training for the 1st rating game againt riser pheonix, issei was only able to perfect his dress break thanks to asia being there for him to practice on, during the game she was constantly healing rias from riser's attacks not to mention that she also healed issei after the game and gave him the cross and holy water which allowed for him to go to the engagement party and save rias from the unwanted marriage.

    issei's drive for becoming more powerful has been equally split between his goal of becoming a harem king, his desires for motorboating, squeezing, sucking, and poking rias' breasts, and his promise to protect asia and be there for her forever.

    as much as issei loves his masters boobs and that poking her nipples boosts his power allowing for an instant balance breaker transformation, his feelings for asia are what unlocks his capability for the welsh dragon juggernaut drive and when he ends up in a coma afterwards its asias feelings combined with her sacred gear that heals the damage in issei's heart allowing him to wakeup.

    so if asia was swapped for a box of phoenix tears then its safe to say issei would have been killed early on or wouldnt have discovered or been able to evolve his power to the point of transforming into the unstoppable red dragon emperors juggernaut drive at the end.

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