The lack of anime on Canadian TV since the recession

  • Back in the 2000s, there were a sufficient amount of anime airing in Canada, most notably on YTV's Bionix block, though several also aired on G4 Canada's Anime Unleashed block and Razer's (now MTV2 Canada) Kamikaze block. Nowadays, however, there seems to be virtually none, even after the recession ended, Toonami relaunching and becoming a success, and Cartoon Network/Adult Swim launching in Canada (thus introducing the possibility of a Canadian Toonami). What could be the cause of it?

    ! * The reduction in dubs since the recession and Canadian Content quotas: Part of the reason why a bunch of anime aired in Canada was because several of them were dubbed in Vancouver, making them "Canadian Content". In Canadian TV, channels need to fulfill Canadian Content quotas (Category A channels need to have least 50% of their programming be Canadian Content, whilst Category B channels need to have at least 10% on their first fiscal year, 20% in their second fiscal year, and 30% in their third fiscal year onwards). Because Bandai, Geneon and Viz outsourced several titles to Vancouver, they had higher chances of their shows airing in Canada (though LA and, to a lesser extent, Texas dubs did air in Canada, Canadian dubs were guaranteed that they could air in Canada), whilst Funimation and ADV (the largest anime distributor at the time) had less since they didn't give some of their dubs to Vancouver. Funimation, however, did get Fullmetal Alchemist 2003 and Detective Conan/Case Closed on YTV, and Basilisk, Samurai 7, Shin-Chan and Trinity Blood on Razer (now MTV2 Canada). During the recession, less and less dubs were being made to save on money. Dallas and Houston remained mostly unaffected since that's where Funimation and Sentai are located at, respectively, plus Texas dubs are cheaper to make and the two have the largest selection of anime titles. LA rebounded from the recession thanks to Viz and Aniplex of America. Vancouver, on the other, was hit very hard because less dubs were done there. Because of the lack of dubs being done in Vancouver since the recession there were lower chances of an anime airing in Canada due to it not being Canadian content.

    • The underdeveloped streaming market: After the recession, streaming became the new go-to way for anime. However, much of the streaming comes from Hulu (which is unavailable in Canada due to various reasons). This leaves Amazon Video, Funimation, Daisuki, Netflix and Crunchyroll the only streaming sites available in Canada, and still it's not enough compared to Hulu.

  • Don't remind me about YTV's Bionix. I still had my grudge against YTV for killing anime off like Naruto and Bleach which were my favourites at the time. And last year YTV traded the remaining anime they have away to Teletoon and I don't have Teletoon on cable at all. The real reasoning behind why Canada didn't get much anime on TV is…the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC). They've ruined anime for me, in fact they ruined everything on Canadian TV and which they became my new problem with.

    And yeah I agree, streaming sites for us Canadians to watch anime is just not enough. And Hulu is also at fault as much as the CRTC. Not giving Canada enough anime is just absolute have no excuses. Give us more anime!!!

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