Questions : DBZ August Sales

  • Hi, I have a few questions.

    If anyone can answers me as fast as you can..
    I want to buy the "DBZ Ultimate Z Movie Lover BR Bundle" but I have a few questions before I do..

    1: When do the DBZ sales ends ?
    2 : Do i get an extra Bonus if I get the subscription ?
    3 : When I'm logged in, when i check out i see a Price "DBZ Ultimate Z Movie Lover BR Bundle Total : $108.87"
    is this in USD or CAD because. I'm in Canada..
    4 : When i Check out it says "out of Order" i can still order it and it will be shipped once they have the products ?
    5 : Is there a "Have a Promo Code" that i can use right now to save more ?


  • I found a few answers i think..

    1 : It's a weakly exclusive Bonus sale I think.
    3 : I tried to check out and it said 108$ USD = 142.39CAD
    4 : Probably

  • I tried to check out and i ran into a problem i think.. the only way i can check out right now is with bank transfer and it says :

    Add money from your bank account
    The money will be in your PayPal account in 6-8 business days. Then you can check out again and pay with your PayPal account.

    But if i do this the sale will be over :'(

    Last time i tried to buy something from Funimation and i did the same thing and it wasn't saying that ????
    Why is it different ? They Changed something ?

  • Submit a ticket to support, they will be able to help you with check out/payment/etc:

  • Also, please don't triple post from now on. Use the Edit Post button instead.

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