I never realized how much I missed/Where to start on Manga

  • So,

    I have been starting Case Closed again. I remember the last time I watched this show was on its original run on Adult Swim. The furthest I ever got was the episode where he drinks Harley's booze that makes him an adult….That was Episode 50.

    There are 130 Episodes currently translated. Does anyone know where I can jump into the Manga series that will pick up roughly where the translations left off? I don't wanna buy all of them until I want to actually fill out the collection....Right now I just wanna keep the story going.



  • There's actually a bit of an incongruity to the story between the anime and the manga. If you remember episode 14, where a girl asks Kogoro find her father, but then it turns out the two of them were actually part of a bank heist, the story for that episode in the manga, Volume 2 Chapters 4-7, actually plays out quite differently, and because of the discongruity they had to make an anime filler episode later down the line to correct the story, which is actually past where Funi left off, so I would recommend reading those manga chapters at least so you know the "real" story. There's also episode 5, where Conan overhears two guys talking about an illegal deal they did on the train they're riding and the bomb they placed to cover it up. The manga story is different as well, Volume 4 chapters 4-7. The Manga Chapters that correspond to the episodes you're thinking of are Volume 10 Chapters 2-6. However, a lot of Manga stories in the early volumes, including up to here and if I remember correctly beyond, are in a different order than their Anime episode counterparts, so I wouldn't take it as gospel that you're not missing anything by picking it up at that spot. I think there's also other instances besides the two I mentioned of the stories differing between the Anime Episodes and the original Manga Chapters, so that's something to take into consideration as well.

  • I'm just starting from what Crunchyroll has and reading the last of what Viz put out of the manga… which is like 9 years behind. The stuff Viz is releasing now came out at the same time another series-that-thou-shall-not-bug-FUNi-about-that-starts-with-a-C-and-aired-on-Adult-Swim.
    Crunchyroll also has Magic Kaito. Which is great. <3

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