Current Rating Tags

  • I feel like the current rating tags for a couple of FUNimation's recent shows have missed the mark. These two being: Overlord and Seiyuu's Life.

    Overlord has had quite a few decapitations which I would think warrants a TV-MA rating. Especially since the more tame Death Parade was rated TV-MA despite not being nearly as violent (the mature topic matter really still doesn't go above TV-14).

    Seiyuu's Life is a light-hearted comedy show that really doesn't have much adult content at all, yet was given a TV-14 rating. Personally, I think the show warrants a TV-PG rating, because the worst things I've heard have been like two jokes about breasts, and that's about it. Even then, that kind of stuff is fine on The Simpsons on FOX, which is regularly rated TV-PG. There's no swearing, nothing really questionable. Mostly family friendly.

  • Ratings are generally interpreted differently. Regarding Seiyuu, I can only guess that FUNi is just playing it safe.

  • I get that, however I don't understand how something as (mostly) family friendly Seiyuu's Life could be considered on the same level as Overlord which has quite a bit of violence. I know a lot of people might not care, however I just ask for a bit of consistency.

  • Different shows get the ratings that they do for different reasons. I don't want to give spoilers for Death Parade, but I think it's very appropriately rated to it's content and concepts.

    It's a little hard to argue for the down-rating of a show that's incomplete because all you can say is that it hasn't shown that content yet. :)

    I will however, bring up the possibility of changing Overlord to TV-MA. We definitely don't want something outside the "age-gate" that needs to be inside it!

  • Well, I thank you for, at the very least, hearing me out.

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