Dubbed episodes updated

  • Does any know when the dubbed parts are updated?

    I notice some that never seem to get updated. The one I am currently watching is Free! -Eternal Summer-. I notice its like weekly or bi-weekly. The other one I am currently watch is One Piece which does not seem to go past Episode 396

    So does Anime dubbed version get updated weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or never.

    p.s. do NOT comment about subtitled vs dubbed, i know i know….....

  • It depends on the series. Some series are updated weekly (which appears to be the case with Free ES, but mainly applies to Broadcast Dubs) others, like One Piece and Fairy Tail, are updated in 12/13 episode batches as the DVDs come out.

    You can review the subscription streaming schedule to find out when new dubbed episodes will be uploaded: http://www.funimation.com/schedule

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