Is there any hope for another blu ray release of season 2?

  • Hi everyone or anyone, as you could guess I didn't learn about Baka and test until after the season 2 limited edition sold out. I currently own the save editions but I worry this release has only doomed any chance of another blu ray release. I would really like to have the show on blu ray. So I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on the issue. Glad to hear any opinions thanks.

  • Odds are probably not. Once a series hits the S.A.V.E. line, a bluray re-release is pretty much out of the question. Depending on the show, sometimes the bluray gets put into S.A.V.E. as well, but lately more and more titles have been reduced to being DVD-only either in order to save costs, or due to licensing restrictions set upon them by the Japanese production companies.

    At this point, I'm afraid the only way you're going to be able to get a hold of Baka & Test on bluray is to hunt down one of the out of print limited editions on Amazon or eBay. And those can go for a pretty penny. :hmm:

    At least it's always in HD if you watch it online.

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