New Reversible Covers?

  • Hello! I just wanna start off by saying, this is in no way supposed to sound ungrateful and picky, i am overjoyed that the Fairy Tail releases started back up, but i have a little… thing with the reversible covers. From parts 1 to 15 (almost) all of the covers and reversible ones were art that originated from the Japan dvd releases, which was really sweet. But i saw today that for Part 16, the reversible cover was a live action Natsu and Igneel. I was just wondering if this was a one time thing, mostly because some of the Japanese covers are really cool, and it'd be pretty rad to have a reversible character cover featuring one of the JP covers. Again, i am so grateful for the Fairy Tail releases coming back, but im just a bit down about the reversible cover.

    Thank you!

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