• What is the cost of Kadokawa corporation?
    How much $$ I have to get to buy it?
    Seriously asking- because I wan't new season of High School DxD.

  • Millions of dollars. More than the average person can afford.

    Look, I get it, you want more DxD. And who knows, given its popularity there very well could be a fourth season.

    But you're barking up the wrong tree here. Begging and pleading and coming up with ludicrous schemes to buy the company that makes it isn't going to make a hill of beans worth of difference whether or not another season will be greenlit. Literally every single one of your posts has been about DxD, and quite frankly it's getting ridiculous. The only thing I can tell you about more DxD is if it happens, it happens.

    I'm glad you like the show a lot, but this is just getting silly. Any more posts from you requesting or demanding another season of High School DxD will be locked immediately without exception.

    Please don't do this again. :hmm:

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