Dubs leaked early?

  • I always watch the dubs on here and I was really looking forward to next week because the new ones are coming out but, someone posted that the dubs are out, but its not till the 11th. I know were not allowed to talk about other sites, but one of the free dub sharing sites has it up. I just thought I say. If this is against the rules that I'm telling you guys and posting about here then i'm sorry and just remove this post.

    Just thought you guys should know.

  • rightstuff ships stuff as soon as they get it, which means they often ship early. which in turn means that folks who use these sites upload those eps that they get from the early rightstuf shipments. not much that can be done about that, and certainly no need to draw attention to it

  • What I would suggest is to send a ticket into the support team at www.funimation.com/support and let the admins know about the site. They might not be able to do much about putting a stop to it, but any information you could give them will help. :)

  • @Ice.Dragon.Slayer - Please submit a ticket to the link SpacemanHardy provided and choose the reason code "Legal and Copyright Infringement" and we'll get someone to look at it right away.

    Although you should not provide links on the site, for obvious reasons, please do include a link to the site in your ticket, if possible.


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