Why doesnt Funi sell more anime related products?

  • This site sells a few tshirts from their store. I went to Hot Topic recently and found oodles of other products like shirts, hoodies, keychains, backpacks, posters, etc. of Funi animes with a Funimation label right on it. If Funi is releasing these products to stores then why dont they offer them on their site?

  • I don't know for sure, but I would assume it's because it wouldn't make much sense to undermine the sales of your only store merchandise vendor

  • The various goods might take up too much inventory space for them versus standard retailers and just not be worth it with regards to revenue and turnover. Their main priority is DVD/BDs after all, even if they do stock some t-shirts, while Hot Topic is focused on clothes and general merchandise and FYE also sells t-shirts and general merch alongside media. A lot of those products are also made and distributed to retailers by Great Eastern, Funi just gave them the okay to make them.

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