Funimation Tshirts ideas

  • I love the t shirts designs on the funimation store, I just wish there was more selection. So my question is what t shirt designs would you like to see?

  • Id love to see anything from Black Lagoon, A Certain Magical Index, A Certain Scientific Railgun, Future Diary, and High School DXD. Oddly, Hot Topic has many shirts from Soul Eater, DBZ, and Attack on Titan which have a Funimation label. Not just shirts either. Anything from hoodies to backpacks to keychains. Why arent those products available on this site?

  • I love all those ideas, I personally would like t shirts for psycho pass, euerka seven/eureka seven ao, darker than black, .hack, black butler, stains gate, and space dandy. Funimation has such a huge library of anime franchises that they can choose from the t shirt ideas are endless

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