Contacting Cartoon Network and Adult Swim and get a human contact.

  • I know that FUNimation has contact with the people that run Cartoon Network and Adult Swim because you show some anime on Toonami. I tried to ask this on Adult Swim's message boards with no luck. I need to contact the people that run Cartoon Network and Adult Swim to complain about they shorten Toonami on Saturdays. It used to be from 11:30 PM to 6:00 AM EST. Now it's 12:00 AM to 3:30 AM EST. That is what I want to complain about to them. Any help in this would be appreciated and thank you.

  • Had you gone to the bottom of a Toonami page, you would have found their Feedback form. It looks like they also accept questions via Tumblr.

    But the reason is that almost nobody was actively watching those hours, so instead, that time was given back to the comedy folks, and those shows are more likely to bring in channel surfing eyeballs. This was discussed in this ANNCast.

  • I will also point out that Cartoon Network and Adult Swim are two entirely different broadcasting stations owned by Turner who share the same channel in order to save money, so you probably shouldn't contact Cartoon Network if you're gonna complain about Adult Swim

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